New World Order: The Trailer

New World Order: The Trailer

Ohhhhhkay. So, yeah, the New Trailer aired on BBC on Saturday evening, and soon propagated to the Internest, including places where Americans like me could actually see it. There’s been a whole buncha wank already, naturelment. Fortunately, I’ve managed to avoid actually reading it, although I did skim over several Telling Cut Tags over on Live Journal. (No, sorry, not going into the New Series section at Gallifrey Base, not unless I have to wade in as A Power That Be.)

The following wank, therefore, is all my own. It is my wank because I thought of it. Ah hem ah hem. My Wank, by J.A. Kelley (Mrs.)

It wasn’t so much a promo of the upcoming series as an excuse to show off some really kewl CGI FX. And, oh, yeah, there was the Doctor and Amy. It didn’t really want to make me watch; didn’t even get me the teeniest bit excited over the forthcoming series. And, hell if it didn’t borrow crap from “New New Earth” (lying on the grass), and the whole Ten/Rose batship (that longing pause gazing into each other’s eyes in what could have been (and probably was) interpreted in a “OMG! OTP!” way). *sigh*

(Please please please, O Great and Mighty Kroll, don’t let the shippers go too batshit with Eleven and Amy. I don’t care if they’re pretty together!)

And, um, it’s supposed to be 3D-enabled, I gather. Why? Is it going to be shown in British cinemas before a 3D film? I don’t think 3D technology has spread to televisions, at least not without the use of those lame-arse polorizing plastic glasses they pass out before the start of Avatar. But whatevs, as my daughter says. I suspect the mandate was “use every freaking cgi fx you can, who cares if anyone can actually see it in 3D!!!!!!!!”

And thus endeth my wank du jour. Ahem ahem. I’m off to play the grand piano to Gallifrey, where the theory is that I will attempt bloggage several times during the course of the convention. Whether or not I succeed is another matter.

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