BoG at Gallifrey: The Moment Has Been Prepared For

It’s nearly 10 pm on Thursday night, and for all intents and purposes, the convention has begun. The lobby undulates with Doctor Who fans making their way through the first bottle of both booze and convo. (Not everyone drinks, of course, but there are quite a number of people who drink for two here… or at any con, really.) Although you’d think a con is only as good as it’s programming, the social scene matters equally. Sometimes it’s more important, if there’s not much going on during the day.

I really think that what helped Chicago TARDIS along the first few years was a splendid bar to hang in and around. Once we moved to a hotel sans such a convenient hangout, the con seemed much quieter. Now we have an awesome lobby again, CT is much more bustling. If only we can convince the bar to stay open past 7 p.m. on Thursday night…..

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