Not Drinking the Who-lade

Not Drinking the Who-lade

I totally get now how Hilary Clinton fans felt the summer of 2008. Seriously. It was all “Obama this” and “Obama that” with people thinking he was a) the second coming b) guaranteed to help the Cubs finally win a world series c) tasting great (while being less filling). The bitter Clinton-ites claimed the Obama-ites were “drinking the Kool-Aid” and, that even if you were merely ok with Obama being the nominee– not even granting him mad slicing, dicing, or julienne frying skillz– you were even more stupid than the people who thought Sarah Palin was a witty and intelligent woman.

I have reached that point with my fellow Doctor Who fans. And that makes me sad indeed. Instead of rejoicing in the return of the Doctor for a proper season, I am wondering if I should even bother watching.

You can read all my whinging past the cut….

It’s not like I’m a bitter old fan-bitch, still up in arms over My Doctor being replaced by That Other Guy some 26 years ago. All I want to do is to judge Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and Steven Moffat on their own merits. I don’t want to buy into hype, false expectations, or unfounded massmind opinion. I have a fine mind; I only want to make it up myself. But– absolutely impossible this time around.

I get why there’s so much hype, I do– New Doctor, have to get people excited over him so they will tune in, turn on, and drink the Who-lade legitimately. Problem is, many people have dipped into that potent brew early. I have seen so much squee from both genders, all three main viewing continents, and every age of fan that I’ve lost any enthusiasm I may have had for more Doctor Who. If that many people are excited about it, then it absolutely cannot be any good. This theory has been proven over and over, from Casablanca to Star Wars, from Fleetwood Mac to Lady Gaga, from The Brady Bunch to the Battlestar Galatica remake. The more the massmind gets excited over something, the less I want to have to do with it.

Contrary? Moi? Shocking, isn’t it?

I realise I’ve brought some of this attitude on myself. Comes from having too many Facebook friends into DW, and from making the mistake of lurking in the “doctoreleven” community on LiveJournal. (I’ve dropped that community off my flist, finally– it was all squee all the time over minutia, to the point where Twitards were starting to look like the voice of reason.) But, right now, the NEW new series is way over-exposed, and I find my interest waning.

I’m glad I will be mostly away from the Internest this coming weekend, so I won’t have to deal with the squee (and the inevitable anti-squee, because, despite having hair even more sparkly than Robert Pattinson, Matt Smith will be no David Tennant/Sylvester McCoy/Tom Baker/William Hartnell in some fans’ eyes). I will also have to miss my local viewing party for the first episode. The viewing party for the second episode will take place the same time as a new episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race airs… and, really, it’s looking much more promising to see which queen doesn’t make the Final Three than to sip at the Moffat-flavored Who-lade

Ah, perhaps I am bitter. I know I’m tired of the wank, the unjustified squee, the bickering between factions that we’ve had to endure ever since the airing of “Journey’s End” two years ago. Instead of feeling relieved that the flavor of the wank will change now that we have a proper season again, I want it all to go away.

I hope that my going away for a weekend and letting the wank remix without me having to observe the process will restore my love and faith for the Whoniverse. Or, if nothing else, may the time away make me willing to at least check out “The Eleventh Hour” when I finally can.

But… I still haven’t watched “Waters of Mars,” so who knows?

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  1. If that many people are excited about it, then it absolutely cannot be any good. […] The more the massmind gets excited over something, the less I want to have to do with it.

    Tell me again why you like the Beatles? 😉

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