The Pause Before Event One

The Pause Before Event One

Yanno, I’m cool like that, referring to “The Big Bang” as “Event One” since that’s wot it was called in “Terminus.” (A vastly underrated episode, as many people are distracted by Nyssa droppin’ ’em to pay attention to the plot….)

So, anyway, I’m popping in here to make commentary in a summary sort of way about what I’ve seen since my last post, as I wait with antici…pation for the resolve of “The Pandorica Opens” cliffhanger. (The viewing society I’m in is gathering Saturday evening, to watch as soon as the magic pixie delivery elves make with the file. I hope to Kroll we’re not disappointed, unlike the LAST time we gathered on a U.K. transmission day.) (That would be for “Journey’s End,” if you’re keeping track, which of course you are!)

Just click on the “More” and we’ll begin….

I love bullet points! Do you love bullet points, too? It’s just like a Powerpoint presentation, but without the canned and/or crappy formatting!

  • Silurians and Drilling and Death, Oh My! Oh, Kroll, why oh why did Rory have to snuff it? I liked him so much more than Amy. And I really think Dr. Chaudry would have been an awesome companion. (And not just because she’s around my age!) Dr. Chaudry showed spunk and curiosity and wonder– yanno, all those things that Amy is supposed to be about. I was so very disappointed in Amy in this story– really, I totally grooved on the ground sucking her up and taking her out of the first part of the story. When she returned, she was insensitive, childish, and bitchy– usually at the same time. I really believe she was secretly glad that Rory died, and that she tried her utmost to forget him asap, as he was really just a complication. (C’mon, look how she treated him at the start of the story, and tell me I’m wrong!)
  • Vincent, Who’s Yer Doctor? *yawn* I thought it rather lame. Despite what all the PC people are claiming, the invisible monster thing was not a metaphor for his depression. If it were, and he clearly defeated it, he wouldn’t have offed himself the next year. Especially not after seeing how important he was in History. (And how wrong was that, the Doctor giving Vincent all sorts of spoilers about his place in history?) Besides, anyone dumb enough to fall in love with Amy….
  • Room to Let Oh, I thought “The Lodger” was brilliant! (And not just because Amy was barely in it!) I adored every moment of it, with the Doctor trying to pass as Human, the friends/not friends relationship between Craig and Sophie, the mystery of the strange going-ons on the top floor, Amy actually being useful and not overly obnoxious for once…. Can we have more episodes like that, plz?
  • And then the Pandorica opens…. Okay, the teaser was seriously cool, because it showed how much was planned from the beginning. And the story itself was fun, kind of a roller coaster. Nice to have the Cybermen be scary again, and to have Rory back (with a twist), and to have Amy dead (if only temporarily, I’m sure), and to have River NOT be obnoxious (which she totally was during the Weeping Angels 2-parter), and to see all the Baddies attempt to work together to take out their Worst Nightmare….. Oh yeah. And I really hope that part two doesn’t f*ck it up.
  • Can you guess I like Amy even less????? I am now waiting for the Bang to be Big, in the hope that many issues w/ her are explained/resolved. Otherwise, I anticipate crafting an essay with the working title of “Amy Pond, Miley Cyrus, and Enlightened Sexism.”

Right. That’s it. Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. See you on the flip side!

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