At last! “The Big Bang” is how a season-ender episode should be– fun, poignant, epic, intimate, and without a stupid-arse Emo Doctor Is Emo ending. And… what a great use of wibbly-wobbly timey-whimey! I’m so happy for Rory, and actually liked Amy in the episode! Plus… HOORAY! A MARRIED COUPLE ARE THE COMPANIONS!!!!!!!!! It’s about freaking time.

(Although, I’m sure there will be now all sorts of “marriage agenda” arguments.)

More later in the summer on this topic, I think– once I’m done squeeing, and once I’ve had a chance to formulate my Overall Theory About Why I Hate Amy Sometimes (And Why It’s Only Sometimes).

Knowing fandom like I do, though, I can’t help but wonder how long it will take before:

1) there’s at least half a dozen fanfics from the Rose batshippers, who use the excuse of the Doctor being trapped on the other side of the cracks as a way for him to get together again with Rose. (And oh, yes, there will be several “Twitard” like epics where Eleven has to compete with Handy for the Fair Rose’s hand (and other body parts). Prediction: two weeks, maximum.

2) there’s a fanfic where Amy and Rory don’t go off with the Doctor at the end of the episode, because everyone knows that a married woman (or even a married couple) are too boring to be of interest. Bonus points if the Doctor buggers off w/ River before Amy and Rory show up. Prediction: hard to call, really. Although the theory has already been spouted on Gallifrey Base that Amy’s story should have ended ’cause she’s now married, it’s guys doing the spouting for the most part. I’m sure, though, that there will be some teenage girl who will come along and write this kind of story, especially if her special Original Character Mary Sue becomes the new companion. Give it 3 weeks.

3) There’s a long, somewhat gramatically-incorrect rant posted on LiveJournal about how Amy marrying Rory is racist. Hey, if Martha and Mickey marrying is racist, why isn’t Amy and Rory marrying the same thing? Prediction: either in the next three days, or not until BBC America airs “The Big Bang.”

4)Wank begins in earnest about the upcoming season, including but not limited to a) change of behind-the-scenes people b) change of costume c) two companions at once d) a married couple as companions e) River Song coming back again f) TARDIS redesign g) the marriage agenda h) the gay agenda i) the lack of gay agenda j) the lack of Rose mentions. Prediction: No-brainer, really, because pretty much all of it is going on some place on the web.

And on that note, I’m off. Keep your teeth clean!

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