Why Did You Say “Five Minutes”????????

Why Did You Say "Five Minutes"????????

What do you mean, it’s been 8 months since the last update? I swear, I set the coordinates for just five minutes later…!

Oh, all right, truth be told, I got a little burned out on fannish things there for a good, long time. Read too much of the wankage, and that made me despise my fellow fen. Good Kroll, people found so much to be unhappy with, with the end of series 5! And yet… and yet it was such a great series closing story! No lingering emo, no tragic shots of the Doctor left alone (and usually wet) and melancholy in the TARDIS… just a bouncy!Doctor and TWO companions off to have some more adventure.

The wank surrounding “Death of the Doctor” on The Sarah Jane Adventures didn’t help any, and only confirmed my opinion that DW fen are always going to have something “dire” to complain about that isn’t dire at all. Chicago TARDIS, though, helped make me feel better about my fellow fen, mostly because they could discuss things civilly face-to-face. “A Christmas Carol” made me all squishy again about Eleven. And then at Gallifrey last month, I was part of a certain book announcement (which, although not a secret since there was an ad for it in the program book and a panel in Main Programming discussing it, I’m not going to big-up it until the website and forum group officially launches)– and I realised, hello, better get back to blogging about things, especially since my 30th Anniversary of Becoming A Fan is coming up this spring.

So, yes, I’m back! But, with some changes. Minor things, really, but nevertheless….

Here’s how I’m going to carry on for the near future:

  • I’m going to have to lay off the reminiscing for now, if only because some of my memories and my memorabilia will be part of that book I alluded to above, and I don’t want to unintentially give book spoilers. “It would ruin sales of my new book!” — John Hatian-Turner, S-A-V-E-W-H-O “The Secret History” posts will return sometime in 2012.
  • I will not get caught up in wading through others’ wank. I will make note of wank trends, of course, because they provide interesting discussion panel topics for Chicago TARDIS, but I won’t get so involved in the wankage that I start feeling down about my fellow fen again. Got better things to do.
  • I’m going to celebrate the upcoming 30th Anniversary of My Seeing My First Doctor Who Story on the 29th by doing the “30 Days of Who” meme that floated around LiveJournal last year.
  • Look, I know the date I first watched only ’cause it was the night before the Reagan assassination attempt. So I googled the attempt and subtracted a day. It’s not like I obsessively noted it in a diary or anything. Honestly!
  • I will also get around finally to the “How Do We Solve A Problem Like Amy?” post I kept threatening last spring. Promise!

Right. There you have it. Coming later today, Meme Day One. (Not to be confused with Day One of Torchwood: Children of Earth.)

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