Who Meme Day 7: Favorite Piece of Music

Who Meme Day 7: Favorite Piece of Music

Okay, I confess, I thought most of the classic series music awful. Whether it be the synthesizer fartings of the 3rd Doctor era, or the different synthesizer fartings of the 5th/6th Doctor era, or the Orchestra Stabs of the Keff McCullough era, I haven’t really enjoyed the music associated with Doctor Who until the New Series.

The Classic Series music moved me not at all; the only thing I really enjoyed was the Peter Howell riff on the Doctor Who theme…

The Peter Howell version of the theme.

Well, ok, I also liked the K-9 and Company theme (and opening credits). But that was pretty much it, until….

The New Series brought us some lovely things, like the “Westminster Bridge” song used in “Rose,” and “Song For Ten” used in “Christmas Invasion”, and “Love Don’t Roam” used in “The Runaway Bride.” But what moves me most is currently is….

“I Am The Doctor”

Oh, you KNOW what it is. It’s the 11th Doctor “I’m about to kick ass” theme. The Doctor really hasn’t had a theme before Eleven, and I totally get excited when it starts playing– because, no matter how dire his straits, the music indicates he’s about to prevail uber alles– and how could we have it any other way????

(Also, it has a tendency to become an earworm!)

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