Who Meme Day 8: A Who-related Photo That Makes Me Happy

Who Meme Day 8: A Who-related Photo That Makes Me Happy

Blimey! Oh, gosh! What do I choose, what do I choose? There are so many things that make me happy as a DW fan! So many photos of said things, too. It requires a bit of thought. And a bit of research, finding them etc. And, no, I can’t seem to choose just one, so I’m choosing 5! I’m even going to post them in reverse chronological order, because I can! Oh, the excitement! The Humanity!

And we’re starting with….
Sarah and Jo together in "Death to the Doctor"

Jo and Sarah together for the first time, kicking alien butt and all that!

This photo is my current desktop’s desktop (so to speak). It makes me so very happy indeed to look at it– two ladies of a certain age holding their own against intergalactic criminals! Such inspiring role models!
Time Crash!

Time Crash!

I’ve already waxed a bit (day 4) on the wonders of having Five and Ten together. This photo makes me a little giddy because they’re obviously having a good time posing for it.
Ten and Sarah hug at the end of "School Reunion"

The Doctor hugging Sarah (to the point of sweeping her off her feet)

Ha! Already have gone on about the brilliance of this one, too. (Day 5)
the 19th season TARDIS crew from "The Visitation"

The 19th Season!

This photo illustrates one of my fave TARDIS teams, in one of my fave stories. Looking at it, you can tell the Doctor is in charge, Tegan’s trying to be bossy, Adric is cautious, and Nyssa frequently becomes an afterthought. Pretty much sums up the season.
The Fifth Doctor

The Fifth Doctor!

There are oh, so many images from this particular photo shoot, done before the 19th season aired. I love this one in particular because of the pose, the location, the expression on the Doctor’s face…. *sigh*

Strangely enough, there’s one more image I really love, that I haven’t been able to find on the Internet. (I also couldn’t find my photo of it.) There’s a tight close-up of the Doctor and Romana I, taken around “Stones of Blood” ’cause Romana has on the red shirt from the latter half of it. She’s looking beautiful and regal; he’s looking all bugged eyed (but in a good way). It appeared in The Radio Times around the airing of the episode. I saw it in a memorabilia display at Sweatcon back in 1982 and took a snap of it; I haven’t really seen it around since. It still sticks in my mind as the perfect contrast between the two characters.

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