Who Meme Day 13: Favorite Villain

Who Meme Day 13: Favorite Villain

This prompt has been a tricky one requiring much thought. Weird, I know, right? You’d think I’d be able to choose right away, given how many decades I’ve had to think about it. The question has been rumbling around in my brain for several days now, getting stuck in the steadily-shrinking mass rattling inside of my skull, tripping over the optical nerve, getting mired in the disaster area more commonly known as my sinuses. After all this careful consideration, I’ve finally reached an answer. It should surprise no one that…

… I don’t have a favorite villain.


OMG WTF, right?

So, yeah, I’ve a couple that I like– the Black and White Guardians, Turlough apres enlightenment, the Pirate Captain, the Jaggeroth, the Krynoid, Mrs. Wormwood and the Trickster from The Sarah Jane Adventures— but I don’t go squee at the thought of them. And what I consider the “big three” villains– the Master, the Daleks, and the Cybermen– are sooooooooooooooooooooooo overused (and in a campish sort of way most of the time) that I tend to groan when I hear they’re coming back.

(Although… the new series Cybermen are actually fairly scary. And that’s why I don’t like them. See the next post for more.)

Hmm… thinking about it, though, maybe I do like the Mara the most. It gets into people’s brains, after all, and is based on a Buddhist precept, so…. if I had to choose, I’d choose the Mara. I’d rather not choose, though, if it’s all the same to you.

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