Who Meme Day 14: The Villain That Scares Me Most

Who Meme Day 14: The Villain That Scares Me Most

Daleks are basically silly. The Master is basically predictable in his unpredictableness. The rest of the Classic Series villains have become tame through overexposure. (Oh, yes, hello, I watched these stories over and over and over in the 1980’s!) I must turn then, to the New Series. (Isn’t it about time it’s officially referred to as “The Current Series”? Or does that denote the most recent season of episodes to too many people?) And in thinking about all the baddies we’ve seen since 2005, the one that truly creeps me out– the one that makes me shiver with fear no matter how many times I see a story with them in it– can be considered controversial. Why? Because their history was rebooted. Yes, that’s right, I’m talking about….

Cybus Industries Cybermen

The Cybermen!

I love the CLANK CLANK CLANK as they approach, I love their ruthlessness in converting and/or deleting, I love how they can scare the bejeebus out of me if only a spider-like body part is still active on the prowl for a new Human host. In short, I like them because they’re so very much like the Borg now, and the Borg are my favorite Star Trek villain.

(Oh, shut up! I’m allowed to like both Star Trek and Doctor Who. I’ve been a Trekkie longer than I’ve been a DW Spud. (NO! I won’t refer to myself as a “Whovian” because that phrase is so made of fail it isn’t funny!!!!!!!!!!)

What isn’t scarier than being taken over by a computer? All this zombie/vampire/werewolf trio obession doesn’t do it for me, because they’re all fantasy beings. Now, the Cybermen control people through their freaking bluetooth headsets! That’s plausible and terrifying at the same time. And all the talk about enhancing humans through cybernetic means? Why not go for the ultimate upgrade and be nothing but brain and robot? You wouldn’t wear out, and if by chance you did, you could get repaired right away. Totally unlike current existence, and yet totally horrific, because if we don’t have our organic bodies to mesh with our organic mind, do we have any soul at all?

The philosophic meanderings the Cybus Cybermen bring out in me terrifies me the most of all, and is why I give them the prize for Scariest Villain.

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