Who Meme Day 15: Favorite Who-related Tumblr

Who Meme Day 15: Favorite Who-related Tumblr

Oh, bother, before this prompt, I didn’t know what Tumblr was, other than some social media site (perhaps) where the fabulous Tammy Garrison posts stuff when she isn’t on facebook/twitter/livejournal. This prompt has forced me to do some investigation, though. Join me as I figure out just what’s it all about, Doctor?

Okay, looking at the front page of the tumblr.com site, I can tell it’s some fancy-ass blogging site. Bah! Looks like LiveJournal of 10 years ago, but with a WordPress kinda interface. I seriously don’t need to be confused by yet another blogging site. I’m going to interpret this prompt as meaning “favorite Who-related blog,” and, because of that, am going to big-up a gentleman who has several awesome blogs.

I refer to Pumpkiny, of course, and his amazing range of Making Doctor Costume Blogs.

Pumpkiny has a blog for just about every Doctor’s costume (Troughton being the exception). He goes into great detail about making– and re-making– suits, coats, accessories that his verbiage truly serves as a guide on how to construct a proper Doctor outfit. Many details will fly right by those hapless creatures who don’t sew. For those blessed souls like me who own a sewing machine and know how to use it, though, it’s the Golden Hands of Time Lord costuming. Every time I read a new post, my fingers itch with the desire to create.

I saw his amazing Ten suit and coat in person at Gallifrey last month, and, Kroll, the attention to detail and accuracy mesmerized me. I cannot wait to make my own Ten outfit. (Well, yes, I can wait, because if I made it now, it would look horrible, just because of the size…. You know what I mean, though.) And when I do, you betcha I’m going to follow along with Pumpkiny’s notes on how to do it properly.

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