Who Meme Day 16: Favorite Who-related Fanfic

Who Meme Day 16: Favorite Who-related Fanfic

Oh, goodness, my history of reading (and writing, to a lesser extent) Doctor Who fan fiction goes back like 30 years now, for I soon got into writing fanfic after getting into the show itself. Yet again, I have to be eternally grateful that the Internest as we know it didn’t exist back then, otherwise all my painfully awkward youthful attempts at Serious Fiction would still be haunting everyone, instead of merely resting comfortably in a series of spiral notebooks down in my basement.

The more recent stuff can be found online, though, and because I am so invested in myself, I’m going to recommend my fave Who-related stories wot I’ve written.

It’s not that I don’t like anyone else’s fanfic. I quite enjoyed a lovely, lengthy Eleven-era/Daniel Boone crossover (“By Any Other Name” by Marla F. Fair) and a semi-cracky thingie involving Rory having to pretend to be the Doctor (“Of Almost Everything” by honeynoir) just yesterday. In researching today’s post, I found this touching Year-That-Never-Was tale in which Martha imagines being taken care of by the Doctor (and several other friends). (“Hallucinations” by Aldanon— it’s rated adult, so don’t click if you’re under 18, ‘kay?) A few months ago, I spent a week reading every single Ten/Martha, Ten/Donna, Ten/Sarah, Eleven/Sarah, Eleven/Donna story I could find, especially if it were AU. I even delved into Handy/Rose, despite my hating Rose, because sometimes the author’s interpretation of what Handy/Rose would be like matched mine. None of them, though, really stuck in the brain, at least not useful details like author name or story title. Thus my having to resort to my own oeuvre.

Anyway, here’s all the DW fiction wot I have online at the moment. Why, yes, it is mostly Peri-centric. Thanks for noticing!

“Morocco”— in which Peri meets up with two English blokes who suggest Morocco….

“Bottoms Up”— in which Six and Peri discuss drinking.

“A Historic Interlude”— in which Peri finds out about 9/11, sort-of

“An Interlude in a Pub”— in which Peri tries to adjust to time travel, and the Doctor realizes he might have feelings for his new companion.

“Happy Hour Again”— in which Captain Jack meets Five and Turlough.

And I can’t seem to find the Sarah/Harry stories I wrote. I must not have posted them to my own LJ.

Anything written in the 20th century isn’t online. Never did restore my fan fiction archive when I switched domain names.

Be glad I didn’t linky to my yearly U.N.C.L.E. stories as well! 🙂

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