Who Meme Day 17: A Who-related piece of art

Who Meme Day 17: A Who-related piece of art

Today I’d like to talk to you about the history of art.

Well, ok, let’s be real, I really mean the history of DW art.

This rambling will be brief, promise, because the real in-depth stuff will be saved for MY NEW BOOK. Possibly.

Recently, there’s the Doctor’s Girls Wallpaper by mimi-na and the brother Doctor’s Boys Wallpaper by the same artist. Also, I had this adorable Amy/Rory Honeymoon piece by echidnite as my laptop desktop for the latter part of 2010. Like with fanfic, there’s just so much fan art these days that it makes me giddy even thinking of keeping up.

So, I have to go old school, back to the 80’s when OMG fan art was so AWESOME to my younger self. What sucks is that most of this art isn’t available on line. There’s Connie Faddis’ fabulous Panopticon West 1983 cover (but not her Doctor Who Dans Son Tardis hommage– at least I THINK it was Connie who did it)… Gail Bennett, who did so many nice prints, and whose portrait of Jon Pertwee appears in the Doctor Who story “Timelash” (also not online)… and, most especially, Cheryl Duvall, who had a great homegrown business selling cartoon buttons of all 6 (at the time) Doctors, as well as stationary and prints. She also illustrated fanzines, and edited several ‘zines as well, including Rassilon’s Star and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

I am really surprised that none of these great artists are represented online. It tells me that I’m going to have to scan what I have of their stuff and post it for everyone to enjoy. (In Cheryl’s case, I have an actual catalog for her, so I won’t have to scan every freaking button I own. And, really, I have an 8 x 14 bag full of her buttons, including one I commissioned. Worth all $5 I paid for it, too. (Well, she did a series of buttons captioned “Doctor’s Girl” with various Doctors holding various companions in their arms– 3/Jo, 4/Sarah, 5/Tegan (euuuuuu!), 6/Peri…. I had her do “Turlough’s Girl” with Turlough holding Peri. ’cause, yanno, the Federation’s Peri was dating the Federation’s Turlough. (And eventually married him, too.)

I’m sorry, am I babbling now? Yes, well, quite. Erm. Right! Carry on! (And I saw this chimney, and my mind went “what the hell….”)

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