Who Meme Day 18: Whatever Tickles My Fancy (pt. 3)

Who Meme Day 18: Whatever Tickles My Fancy (pt. 3)

I celebrate my triumphant return to this here blog thing with a round-up of small items handily classified into “Past,” “Present,” and “Future” (much like the blog tagline.) Let’s make like it’s the Arc of Infinity, because all is about to be revealed….

The Past

  • Where have I been, anyway? You might very well arsk. Been busy. Seems like I’ve been busy doing nothing, at least to me, but there’s really been a lot going on in Real Life that has been distracting me from entertaining you all here. Grade school graduations, trips, trees falling through our family room window…. you get the idea. And Lis Sladen dying didn’t help things, either. I was inclined to take a back seat for awhile. And now I’m hopping back in the driver’s seat.
  • I know technically have 1.79% of a Hugo! The book Chicks Dig Time Lords, edited by Lynne M. Thomas and Tara O’Shea and featuring an essay on my life in Doctor Who fandom won a Hugo for Best Related Work at Renovation last month. W00t! I’m pleased as punch that the book won, and hope that my next book does as well.
  • I still can’t get my mind around the fact that Elisabeth Sladen has passed. She’s been kinda sorta part of my entire adult life. Makes me feel really rather old. (Well, that, and the talk we had w/ our financial advisor about seriously planning for retirement last night… in as little as 17 years. Eep!)
  • I got to see the DW series premiere on the big screen.I managed to score a place on the admissions list to the Chicago screening, and braved the long wait in line to get in. I daresay my peeps and I were the oldest (and therefore geekiest) people there. Oh, it was SOOOOOOOO COOOOOOOOL seeing it on the big screen. And it really sucked to have to wait several weeks for another new episode after that point.

The Present

  • Series 6 has been rocking so far. I am constantly amazed of all the twists and turns. (Oh, all right, some of it’s been predictable, but revealed in unpredictable ways.) (I refer to River “Melody Pond” Song, mostly.) I also feel sorry for those who think it crap, ’cause it isn’t, it is delightful.
  • I only have one complaint about the current season, and that is there have been several too-abrupt endings. I’m thinking mostly of the end of “The Almost People,” “A Good Man Goes To War,” and “The Girl Who Waited.” In each case, Rory and/or Amy is left hanging on a really emotional revelation that needs a bit of a conclusion, even if only a hint that things might be concluded later. In each case, they’re left with an emotional cliffhanger that does not get satisfactorily resolved on-screen. Apparently I may be the only person on the planet bothered by this, judging by the dearth of fan fiction rectifying the situation. Then again, many fan fiction writers still think St. Rose The Perfect belongs throughout space and time, with every single incarnation of the Doctor, so they’re quite possibly full of merde.
  • I actually don’t mind Amy these days. She’s much improved this season– and in both halves of the season, too, which kills the “Oh, she’s better because it’s only a ganger!Amy” argument that floated around my brain during the summer break. She still has her flaws–selfish, childish, clueless about others’ needs– but at least she’s not obnoxious about it any longer. My main complaint about her is that things happen to her– she doesn’t cause things to happen. She’s reactive, not proactive. (And that’s why Older!Amy, who was proactive, had to go away!)
  • I came across a great explanation recently, in a fanfic which otherwise was unremarkable, about why Rose as a character crashed and burned once hooked up with Ten. You know, she got all clingy and possessive and “Don’t mess with MY MAN”– which, really, was completely out of character with her stint w/ Nine. Also, it gives credence to her stupid-ass crossing the universe-streams with that dimensional cannon thingie. Two words: Brain. Damage. Yep, having the time/space vortex in her head damaged the parts of her brain that, yanno, allowed her to make adult choices. So this whole childish obsession thing? Not her fault! Thus, she’s to be pitied, not abhorred. Still doesn’t explain Ten’s obsession, unless it’s all guilt all the time.
  • Rory Williams rocks. That is all.
  • This year marks several 35-year anniversaries for me. 1976 sticks in my brain, not only because it was the freaking Bicentennial of the U.S.A., but because it was the year I totally became a fan of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, The Beatles, and The Monkees. I was already a Star Trek fan; the combo of Trek with the other three prompted my dearest friend Jan Fennick to drop me a line via the Star Trektennial News… and the rest, as they say, is history. Forty-five years ago this month, “Star Trek,” “The Monkees,” and “The Girl From U.N.C.L.E.” all premiered, and “Revolver” had just come out as well, marking September 1966 a milestone in pop culture flavor!
  • The Future

  • Hey! River Song’s coming to my con! In other words, Alex Kingston is going to be a guest at Chicago TARDIS this year! SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!
  • Red, White and Who: The Story of Doctor Who in America is seeking submissions. The book, to be published sometime in 2012 (probably very close to Chicago TARDIS), If you’re an American Doctor Who fan, we want to hear from you! (Yes, that’s a “We.” “We” means me, and Steven Warren Hill, and Shaun Lyon, and Arnold T. Blumberg.) Go to the website and fill out the survey! Doesn’t matter when you discovered the good Doctor.
  • Hooray! There’s a start date for the last of the Sarah Jane Adventures! October 3. In the U.K., of course, because Kroll forbid it actually gets shown on tv in the USA. It’s going to be hard to watch, since it’s the very last time we’ll ever have new Sarah Jane. Still… thank Kroll there’s a bit left. I wonder if Series 5 will be released w/ Series 4 on DVD?

And on that note…

I’m done. On to the next day of the meme!

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