Who Meme Day 21: My Doctor Who OTP

Who Meme Day 21: My Doctor Who OTP

What’s an “OTP”? Those of you who don’t hang out on LiveJournal may not know! “OTP” stands for “One True Pairing”– i.e. the two characters (hetero- or homosexual) who are cosmically meant to be together. You know, “Nothing can keep us apart. Our love will last until the stars grow cold!” (Singin’ In the Rain reference! Nobody expects the GENE KELLY!!!!!!!!!)

Naturally, being as old as the Doctor (or at least the series), I have several things to say in the matter.

We’ll start with….

My Top Three OTPs That Aren’t

In other words, OTPs that many people groove on that I absolutely abhor.

  • Seven/Ace No. Just NO. Even taking the jailbait issue out of the mix, there’s the whole issue of mental and emotional abuse. As much as I think Ace is an awesome character, I really hate how the Seventh Doctor treats her, and I can’t stomach the thought of them being romantic.
  • Five/Tegan. Have you actually watched the Fifth Doctor’s reaction to Tegan. He rolls his eyes with great frequency! Although, yeah, he gets used to her (and perhaps even grows fond of her by the end), there’s no way he’d do anything with someone who annoys him that much.
  • Ten/Rose. Oh, so many girls think Rose is so perfect, she’s so right as rain, and that she is meant to be with the Doctor, no matter what version. (Oh, there’s been so much fanfic with Rose hooking up with just about every Doctor, past-present-future.) As much as Rusty tried to shove the OTP down our throats, I don’t buy it. Rose was such a pain in the arse with Ten– all lovey-dovey eyes and “don’t you mess with my man”– that it really ruined her character. I’d like to think (as several other people have theorized) that taking in the heart of the TARDIS in her mind left her with brain damage, which would totally explain the stupidity of both series 2 and 4.

My Top 5 OTPs

I’m going more for plausibility here– and what I enjoy reading in the fanfics.

  • Three/Jo The Doctor didn’t realise, though, how hard he had fallen for Jo until “The Green Death.” Sure, she was a ham-fisted bun vendor, but she still got under his skin. It broke his hearts to see her go off with someone else.
  • Four/Romana Yeah, you could totally tell that Tom Baker and Lalla Ward were jonesing for each other in real life. But, I also think that the Fourth Doctor had a thing for the First Romana. (The Christmas clip helps fuel that….) (What? Haven’t you seen that yet? Shocking. Check it out:
    Doctor Who 1978 Christmas Funny)
  • Five/Nyssa It helps that Peter Davison has always said that he thought Nyssa was the companion that most complemented his Doctor. He’s right, you know. Check out the interplay between them in episode 1 of both “The Visitation” and “Arc of Infinity”, plus the expression on the Doctor’s face as he hugs Nyssa after saving her in “Black Orchid.”
  • Ten/Donna Oh, sure, just friends. Why, then, did everyone think they were married? And why did the Doctor go out of his way to make sure Donna was set for life after he wiped her mind? (I confess, I really like the stories where the Doctor comes back– either the Tenth or Eleventh– to sort Donna’s mind out. There’s a great story on Fanfiction.net titled “Regarding Mrs. Smith” that you might want to scope out– it involves the 10th Doctor having to pretend to be human because Donna is pregnant with his child, but still can’t remember anything under pain of death.)
  • The Doctor/Sarah Oh, you knew I would choose this as #1, given my obsession with Sarah. Four and Ten more than Three and Eleven, but still…. No one else has been introduced as the Doctor’s Best Friend. I also think that the number of Doctors who have interacted with Sarah (technically 7, 8 if you count the books) certainly bodes well for my argument. (Yes, seven– 3, 4, 10, and 11, obviously– also 1, 2, and 5 (the Fifth more than the first 2) in “The Five Doctors.” Not that Sarah actually remembers those events, but still….)

Well, there you have it. Predictable as ever, Doctor me.

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