Infinite Quest? Infinite Puzzler!

Yes, yes, of course I’m going to check out Totally Doctor Who, especially with a 10-year-old in the house. The big draw to the kiddie show is supposed to be the animated serial “Infinite Quest.” Like much of the current series, it’s very splunge for me. Yanno, might be a good idea but possibly not, I’m not being indecisive.

Go on, read more. And there’s illos to boot, this time!

So, yeah, first thing that gets on my nerves is how the Doctor is drawn. The anime!Doctor doesn’t look much like David Tennant, y’see. Oh, sure, the hair’s right, and the eyes/eyebrows are right (if somewhat comic), but the lower part of the face doesn’t look like him at all. The chin’s too angular and long– very much a Clutch Cargo type of chin.

Speaking of Clutch and his ephynomous animated series…. The animation in “Infinite Quest” reminds me of Clutch Cargo.very Oh, sure, full-frame animation was way too much to hope for…. but surely they could have managed Hanna-Barbera quality animation? There’s really not much movement in any of the episodes–again, very noticable when it comes to the Doctor. Live!Action!Doctor’s face is moving all over the place– he has more expressions than Lindsay Lohan has had drunken evenings. In the cartoon, well, one moment he has one expression, and the next another, and the jump is obvious. I don’t think I would be so fussy if David Tennant wasn’t actually doing the Doctor’s voice. The disconnect between the lively voice and the static face makes the episodes nearly impossible to watch for me.

In general, I’m having problems following the plot. Oh, yes, yes, yes, I know it’s supposed to be not the most intellectual thing, but still– four episodes in and I’m still not sure what’s going on. Is my short-term memory that bad?

Oh, it’s not all bad, of course– Anime!Martha! looks like Live!Action!Martha, and the disconnect between her voice and her static face isn’t nearly so bad. And, other than the Doctor, the visuals are quite nice. What could really improve it, though, would be the use of the Syncro-Vox. Not only would the Anime!Doctor’s facial movements (at least in the mouth area) match Live!Action!Doctor!’s better, but the Syncro-Vox technique would fully elevate “Infinite Quest” into the realm of a nostalgic tribute to a long-lost animated form.

I can see it now….clutch doctorclutch doctor's friends

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