Wrapping Up That Dang Who Meme

Wrapping Up That Dang Who Meme

Great Kroll in a bucket with mayo– it’s taken me forever to get to the end of this meme. (It has also taken me a long time to get around to updating this thingie, too, but we will not go there, if you value your sanity.) So, to tie up loose ends quickly– and because for two of the days remaining, I really have to remain neutral– I’m going to do the Cliff Notes version of the rest of the meme. Then the plate will be clear, and we can carry on to dessert.

Et maintenant….

Day 24: Whatever Tickles My Fancy

Oh, gosh, it’s been sooooooo long since there’s been new Doctor Who. I’m missing Eleven terribly, Rory, too. It’s so bad that I’ve been lurking in both the Fan Set Report and Spoilers/Speculation threads over on Gallifrey Base. (I’m happy to report, though, that being “upstairs” isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I’m still avoiding it like the Daleks, though, when the stories actually start airing.) I’m liking the Doctor’s new threads (oh, that coat is particularly sexy– frock coat? Lovely nubby texture and handsome color. Also loving the waistcoat. Very Classic Doctor– perhaps a nod to the forthcoming anniversary?), and I’m highly amused by the lack of reveal on the new companion’s name. So many Teams have formed about the new companion– there’s Team Robot (i.e. she’s a robot/android of some kind), Team Rory-and-Amy’s-2nd-Daughter, Team Doctor’s Daughter (i.e. the Doctor and River’s child– or, naturally (you know this one had to come up, Handy and Rose’s daughter), Team Doctor’s Great Granddaughter (child of Susan and David Campbell), Team Mels-not-River (i.e. River before she was the Mels that grew up w/ Amy and Rory….) The mind boggles.

Personally, I’m on Team She’s-Not-Related-To-Anyone-On-The-Show, So Shut Up!

Day 25 and 26: Favorite Actor and Actress

I’m not going to pick favorites, because it’s the right thing to do given my position within fandom. I have good memories of all the actors/actresses I have met/worked with. Many of them I won’t share, because they happened behind the scenes, and thus not for general consumption.

Day 27: A Story I Wish Hadn’t Been Made

Hmm… I don’t have stories so much as scenes. Really, even the lamest stories I don’t actively hate, unlike certain scenes within even good stories. So here’s my Top Five Moments I Abhor:

  • Peri’s Fate. Well? What the fuck is it? Did she die? Did she really go off with BRIAN BLESSED (er, Yrcanos)? Are we really supposed to believe the Master in the latter? ARRRRGH!!!!! It drives me insane, because it’s not been officially resolved. No, the freaking books don’t count. Books aren’t canon!
  • “Let’s get a house and a mortgage” business Sums up why I despise Rose with Ten. *shudder* 5G’s, Rose: Good God, Girl, Get a Grip!
  • The Doctor Placing the Olympic Torch I could smell the future wankiness the moment it aired. And, hoo boy, was I right! OMG! My fellow fans did not disappoint. Still, I would have been quite happy to not have this scene, because it was lame, and because of the wank.
  • Donna’s Fate I’ll spare you the rant. Suffice to say it’s totally awful, I hate it. Hate, hate, hate.
  • Amy trying to seduce the Doctor I don’t believe the “oh, she nearly died and was just trying to confirm to herself that she was alive” justification. If that was the case, shouldn’t she have sought out her fiance? She knew where Rory was, after all! It really downgraded her from being Confident in her Sexuality to Acting The Slut. IMHO and all that, please spare me the feminist backlash. Thanks!

Day 28: An Episode Idea You Created Yourself

Might I refer you to my fan film oeuvre?

Day 29: Who Should Be The Next Doctor

Well, I must stay loyal to Colin Blessing Ludlow, who has been jonesing for the role for years now. Since he’s not real in this universe, however, my vote would have to go to… um…. Stephen Fry? I don’t have a real opinion, actually. I would like to see the next Doctor be slight, just because it’s nice to switch things up once in awhile. Also, I’d hope he’d finally get his wish to be ginger. No matter what, though, I know I will be totally sadface for some time when Matt Smith announces his departure.

Day 30: Whatever Tickles My Fancy

Yanno, I thought Rose only went mental when she looked into the heart of the TARDIS. It had to have left her with some form of brain damage, right, for her to suddenly get all possessive and clingy and shite toward the Doctor. But… no. I saw most of “The Parting of the Ways” again the other day, and if looks could kill, oh, Lynda would have been dead 20 minutes before the Daleks found her. Rose was already going down the road of being an emo bint before the regeneration. *sigh*

Right. I guess I’m now on my own again to find topics. Oh, that’s going to work out well, I can tell.

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