March Madness!

March Madness!

Gah, I need a cleaning service in here! Where did all this dust come from? *achoo*

Been awhile, innt? (Oh, look, I’m so terribly cool, I’m writing in dialect.)

I’ve been thinking, I have, and I have come to the conclusion that there’s no better way to jumpstart the writing mojo than to make a blog post a day for a whole month. Madness, I tell you! Madness! I am especially mad, considering how the last time I attempted it went so well. (Careful observers will note it took me 15 months to complete a month-long meme.)

Nevertheless, I thought what the hell, let’s see what happens this time. All of time and space, everything that ever happened or ever will. Where do you want to start? I have an idea! Let’s start with the upcoming episodes!

The fandom were all a twitter (and facebook and tumblr and GB) yesterday because the Beeb proclaimed there would be exciting!news released at midnight (GMT). Oh, the disappointment had flavor when all we got was an episode title (“The Bells of St. John”– tell me, is the theme song played on the mouse organ?), a sentence-long synopsis (Ok, it may be a scary one, monsters in the wifi that aren’t Gallifrey Base trolls), and a photo. Yeah, you’ve seen it, but, hey, take another look!


Hooboy, what an awful abuse of Photoshop. Clara in particular is so unnaturally positioned I want to treat her to a session with my chiropractor. Also, this “poster” is so reminiscent of the “poster” for “The Snowmen” it’s like the Adobe monkeys at the Beeb ran out of ideas. Let’s review, shall we?


In both cases, we have the Doctor in the foreground, lunging toward the camera (as it were), with Clara clinging on in the background, with white shards raining around them. Ugh. Does this mean that Clara is gonna be a clingy girl? For all her supposed sass as Souffle Girl and as Beery Poppins, having her cling on to the Doctor in the posters can only mean that she’s all clingy in real life. (i.e. once we get to Modern!Clara) Amy and Rory certainly didn’t cling to either the Doctor or each other in their posters!






You will also note that each of the Pond posters looked suitably different, while the two Clara posters look remarkably the same. I am not filled with a lot of confidence. Especially since I didn’t like “The Snowmen.”

I will grant you that my viewing of the story was somewhat compromised. I saw it over a week after it aired, on BBC America On Demand (which had a surprising amount of ads considering it was On Demand), and after one too many glasses of Chardonnay. I wanted to like it, I did– but it all seemed stupid. (Except for The Great Detective and Her Assistants, please could we have a spin-off series with them?) I totally didn’t get why Clara was both a barmaid and a governess. Usually I can headcanon it , but in this case, no. It might be a function of Moffat hinting at less and less the more he writes for the series, it might be a function of how hard it was between commercials and wine to figure out what was going on. In any case, I was underwhelmed. I would actually place “The Snowmen” as the 2nd worst Christmas Special Ever (the 1st Worst being, of course, “Voyage of the Damned.”)

(Oh, shush, “The Doctor, The Widow, and the Wardrobe” rocked. Did you miss my gushing over it?)

I am so very “meh” about the forthcoming episodes. Annoying, really, because I love Matt Smith’s Doctor. (And there’s so much costume!porn coming up!) But between my reaction to “The Snowmen” and all the idiots on the internest whining about how Moffat sucks, or how Matt sucks, or how the 50th anniversary is gonna suck (even though we barely know anything about what the anniversary will entail!), I’m ready to walk away.

I hate being in that place. Perhaps blogging about all things Doctor Who every day this month will help me get in a better mood for when the show returns on Holy Saturday.

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