Five Free Fanfic Ideas

Five Free Fanfic Ideas

So, it’s Saturday, and I don’t have much personally to do, because I am still trying to Plan for the Month (especially since this month has bonus Japanese Exchange Student Boarding Realness added to it). Also, I need Herself (aka the Teenager) to finish all the homework, so I can enlist her strength and agility in excavating the sewing room (so there’s enough room for the Japanese Exchange Student (JES) to actually sleep in the room for 8 days). Since it’s most of the way through Saturday at this point, I don’t see us getting to the room excavation today– she’s not even started homework yet.

But I digress.

I caught up on some fanfic today– reading, not writing, I still have several stories in the hopper but I’m stuck on all of them, so this blog entry is the closest I’m getting to writing anything today. Between fanfic reading, Facebook wall posts, and other media (mostly Animaniacs) that I’ve exposed myself to this week, I have come up with five inspired fanfic ideas that are yours for the taking. (Credit for the idea nice but not mandatory.) I’m offering these brilliant inspirations to you, instead of planting them and watching them grow out of my own imagination because– well, like I said, I got a couple stories already going. Besides, I got a book to work on.

You ready? Get that copy-and-paste function ready to go (control-c, because you couldn’t be on a Mac… could you?), because you will want to save these gems.

1) Why not an Eleven/Susan story, where (in the hundreds of years Eleven was busy hanging out throughout Earth history) Eleven starts a band in 1963 called “John Smith and the Common Men” and Susan goes all fangirl over the band (as hinted she did in “An Unearthly Child”) and she stalks them to a hotel they’re staying at. No? Then how about…

2) Sticking with the John Smith theme– Doctor of your choice runs into Pocohantas, obviously introducing himself to her as John Smith. (And then the Animaniacs invade the story and… nope, not quite your cup of tea. I can tell by the expression on your face. Well, try this one then….)

3) You (or your alter ego) becomes a previously unknown companion to the Doctor (preferably the 10th, either between Martha and Donna or between Donna and “Waters of Mars”). Not a Mary Sue, of course, because you don’t write that shite, unlike 87% of posters. Your Original Character (OC) is practically perfect, and harbors a great secret involving wibbly wobbly timey whimey, and is young/thin/cute and the Doctor can’t help but feel both overly protective and curious. Just like the OCs in 87% of stories. Right? No? You’re driving a hard bargain.

4) Ooh! Meeting oneself, sorta kinda! Omega (looking like Five, of course) meets Maxill (who looks suspiciously like Six). The Ganger Doctor meets Handy! Salamander meets a Cleaning Lady. (Ooh, you’re gonna have to think about that last reference!) Not your cup of tea? Okay, then, the best I saved for last….

5) Rose Tyler is the OTP for EVERY incarnation of the Doctor. Have fun mashing up Rose with all the incarnations, because her milkshake brings all the Doctors to her yard, and they’re like, it’s better than (Jo’s, Sarah’s, Romana’s, Nyssa’s, Martha’s, Donna’s, Amy’s, River’s)– damn right it’s better than (insert companion of choice here)– she could teach you, but she’d have to charge. Yes, Rose Tyler is so perfect, so right as rain. You know it, hundreds of thousands of other True Believers know it– it’s time to spread the gospel. You know that your 78-part epic win (especially if it’s laced with copious amounts of porno) will be the one, the only, DW fanfic that will be bought up by publishers (once the serial numbers are filed off). You can be the next E.L. James– only better, because your porno wouldn’t be based off of Twilight. Money money money, money money money….

(Oh, fine, the last one is a bit over the top, because not even the most dedicated Rose fan would want to see Rose getting Sexxxxy with One, Two, Three, Six, or Seven.)

There you go– five brilliant ideas. Send me links when you get the stories posted, please. I need something to read while tending to the Homework Timer.

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