Sundry Sunday Sayings

Sundry Sunday Sayings

Short and sweet (perhaps), since it’s nearly bedtime, and I’m not going to let the fact that I’m completely random today deter me from my MARCH MADNESS. (It is not I who am crazy, it is I who am MAD!!!!!)

(Points to those of you who get the quote.)

Et maintenant….

1) I wonder if Doctor!Costume!Porn! will be enough to get me through the next episodes, in the worst case scenario that the whole Clara mystery thing is as lame as I suspect it might be?

2) Why do so many fen, when convinced that a certain story, or story arc, or character, or anniversary prep, is going to both suck and blow, have to bring everyone else down by constantly repeating “Moffat lies” or “Matt Smith can’t act” or “RTD did it better” instead of actually offering constructive comments?

3) Is it just me, or is it really just fans who aren’t parents who don’t get why Amy and Rory can be so (supposedly) blase about the whole disappearance of Melody thing?

4) It’s going to be a depressing several weeks, because now DW actors have started checking in whether or not they’ve been contacted regarding the Anniversary Special. So far– seemingly– it’s Jack and Leela in, Ten and Martha out. So many of us will be disappointed, because if past companions (and Doctors) come back– the ones we want to see most probably won’t. (Some– like Nicholas Courtney and Elisabeth Sladen– are no longer with us. Others– like Catherine Tate, who really REALLY needs a better ending for her character– won’t be included because they weren’t a Moffat-created character.) Personally, I’d like some proper closure on Peri, because I don’t believe she a) died after having Kiv’s brain implanted in her body or b) went on to become Yrcanos’ queen (or wrestling manager). I want a better Donna ending, too. And I absolutely don’t want to see Rose Freaking Tyler. I’m not hopeful that I will get my way.

5) Notice how even though I’m not going to get my fondest wishes in the anniversary special, I’m not bitching about it everywhere.

OK– onto another week, everyone. Happy times and places!

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