Blow-By Post

I owe so many thoughts to this blog it isn’t funny! But to ease the pain– it can’t be simple, after all, for you lot to have gone several months without my words of wisdom– here’s a link to this week’s Brewster Rockitt comic strip. Not everyone has made Brewster’s acquaintance (afaik he runs just in LA and Chicago), which is a pity ’cause it’s the geekiest strip to run in major newspapers.

In any case, this week is all about the TARDIS. Go check it out!
(The link is to Monday’s comic– it will go the whole week, so make sure you click on the appropriate amount of “next day” to see it all.)

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2 thoughts on “Blow-By Post

  1. Brewster also runs in the Dallas area, we get it in one of those free “hip” alternative weeklies. And yes, it’s awesome. I’m hoping they put a collection out, as I don’t see it every day.

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