Live From Gallifrey 1: The Arrival

So, yeah, I have made it Los Angeles. Got in way late last night and crashed. Well, crashed as much as I could. I always have problems sleeping in a hotel room the first night or two. Have seen a couple of people I know in passing, but, as I haven’t really been officially Up and About yet (despite being awake for, what, 3 hours now), the Real Socializing has yet to begin.

Let me tell you about my plane ride, though. I flew first class, and hoo boy, it’s a totally different world.

One has no idea how awful cattle class coach travel is these days until one flies First Class. (I had saved up miles, ‘kay? Not like I’m made of money.) In First Class, one gets a separate check-in area, a separate security line, a separate boarding section…. The flight attendants hang up one’s coat or jacket in a closet and serves drinkies before take-off. Once in flight– ah! Drinkies in real glasses, warmed nuts (!) in a mini-ramekin, a hot towel to cleanse oneself prior to eating, and– get this– an actual meal served on actual glass/ceramic plates and bowls with actual silverware and an actual napkin (with a cute little button hole for one to attach to one’s shirt, thus avoiding nasty spills on one’s high-quality clothing). (Oh, okay, the silverware was actually plate, but still, it’s a freaking lot nicer than those awful plastic forks in awful plastic wrap one gets in cattle class.)

Also appreciated was the extra leg room and extra butt room– for the first time this century, my butt didn’t find itself wedged in between two armrests, thus forcing one of the armrests part way up to accommodate the hip rolls. (Yes, I do know I need to make like those public service ads and leave my bottom on someone’s lawn. You try going on a food program, though, in the middle of a cold and extra-snowy winter!) The nicely padded leather seats could have used a bit more lumbar support, but still, that kind of thing would probably add another $1K onto the ticket price.

The one thing that’s the same between First Class and Cattle Class, though, is turbulence. Ugh! We went through about half an hour of the bumpies and the dippies and the lurchies somewhere over Colorado (I think). I don’t do well with turbulence, so I spent a good deal of time doing some tai chi breathing and repeating to myself that it was going to be okay. (Good thing I had some Chardonnay (poured into my actual glass from an actual bottle) inside me by that point, otherwise it would have gone down much worse.)

Landing at LAX was bumpy, but not nearly as bad as the 1/2 hr. of turbulence, so it was tolerable. (Except for the ears hurting part– I have a bit of a cold, so I couldn’t pop my eardrums like I usually do to relieve pressure.) Got my checked bag eventually, hopped onto the hotel shuttle eventually, got to my room eventually and crashed sorta eventually. And, of course, woke up at 6:30 ayem ’cause my body thought it was 8:30 ayem and thus Time To Be Up.

All right, there you have it. Since my Very Good Friend/Sister/Collaborator/Roomie is still sleeping, and it’s late enough now that people might actually be up, I’m off to wander a bit. Well, once I take some migraine pills….

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