Let’s Play Catch-Up!

Yeah, that pseudo-live blogging attempt at Gallifrey really crashed and burned, didn’t it? Put it down to being really, really sick at the convention. Ugh! I had a cough that wouldn’t go away. (It’s still lingering, although I am well past the trying-to-cough-up-the-lungs stage.)

Now that we have an Official BBC Start Date for Series 4 (that would be April 5, for those of you who’ve missed it), I figure that now is as good a time as any to catch up on Doctor Who fandom and my observations thereof.

Go on, read it. You know you want to, in your hearts of hearts.

Let’s go by category, shall we?

Gallifrey, the Convention: I was underwhelmed by the event this year, and not just ’cause I was feeling like crap during it. The lack of audience participation at Gallifrey continues to annoy me. In part, it’s due to differing philosophies (and different Guest Lists) between Gallifrey and Chicago TARDIS. Gallifrey always has more “writer” guests, so they are assumed to Know More, and are thus On All The Panels. I have to wonder, though, why a Virgin/BBC novel writer who hasn’t written for Big Finish or the New Series is considered to Know More than a non-writer fan. Still, I suppose having them on panels makes it easy to fill up panel slots. I know I have a dickens of a time getting regular fans to be on panels at Chicago TARDIS….

Also, the “live commentary” feature was overused and wasn’t a good replacement for a general new series panel. My reaction is probably because I am not enamoured of Commentary, whether it be live or on the DVD. Yes, I know it was my idea to have live commentary in the first place, but…. well, I was pretty glad we didn’t have it last year at Chicago TARDIS.

Wank, It Burns: Bad enough that Rose is coming back, now there are all sorts of lovely photos of her on set, with the Doctor (Darn you, Tennant, you lied when you said you didn’t have any scenes with her!), and with Donna and Jack and maybe Mickey, Sarah, and Jackie. Rose: Do Not Want. Still, from everyone involved (including Martha, thank you, although I suspect we will not see Martha give Rose the bitch slap she deserves), one can only hope that it’s just Stunt Casting Central and not some Long-Overdue Raising Rose To Her Proper Level of Awesomeness Throughout Time and Space. ’cause if the heavens open up and the celestial choirs start singing anywhere near Ms. Tyler, I’m gonna throw RTD under a bus.

Torch That Wood: I am very naughty indeed and haven’t been keeping up with the current series– although, thanks to Comcast On Demand, I am having an easy time watching the few episodes I’ve seen. (Which reminds me, I need to watch episode 5 today or tomorrow, before it drops off On Demand.) And it’s awesome being to watch those episodes in a fully-legal sort of way. (Not to say my magic pixie delivery elves haven’t been delivering; I’m a lazy sod at heart and would rather watch it off On Demand when it shows up than have to take the time to make a disc…..)

So, here we are, some two weeks before series 4 starts in the U.K. and less than a month before it starts in the U.S. Oh. My. Freaking. Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’ve never had new DW so close to the U.K. airing (with the exception of Chicago getting “The Five Doctors” several days before the U.K. did back some 25 years ago). This is amazing. It’s a great time to be a Doctor Who fan. Even with Rose returning…..

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