Up Pompeii!

Darn, I really wish I knew what that phrase referenced (other than I think a 1970’s britcom?), ’cause I like it loads.

In any case, I can’t do a “First Impressions” yet on “Fires of Pompeii” as it was so rich in dialog (much of which I only half-heard, don’t know whether from having to watch it at a somewhat-low volume or from there just being so much stuff there on the soundtrack), I’m going to have to watch it again before commenting much. I’ll leave you hanging for the moment with three things:

  1. Catherine Tate for the Win!
  2. I am Spartacus… and so is my wife!
  3. There’s so many references to past stories (both old and new school), it’s tempting to think the season finale will be one massive kitchen sink of wank. We can only hope it doesn’t degenerate into that….

The actual review might not appear until next week, what with various commitments I have the next few days. Sorry about that, chief!

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