Marathon Blogging (and Viewing) Day

Yep, the birds are chirping (except the one who kamakazied against our deck door and is now just a corpse on the deck– euuuuuuuuuuuuuu), the sun is shining, it’s a warm, bright, sunny day. Naturally, it’s perfect weather to stay inside and catch up on Doctor Who.

Well, not really, but if I want to go hang w/ my friends tonight, I have to rewatch “Fires of Pompeii” plus see for the first time “Planet of the Ood” and “The Sontaran Stragegem”, so that I can properly appreciate “The Poison Sky.”

I tell ya, Doctor Who hasn’t exactly been appointment viewing for me this season. Shocking, I know. Nevertheless, I’m going to blast through a couple episodes today (and hopefully blog about them, too, so I can be all caught up again.)

Anyway, time to get some more tea, my lappy, and the remote. (’cause, yeah, I’m Old School and actually have to watch the episodes on the teevee. Ok, or on the iPod, but it’s only comfortable watching multiple episodes on the iPod when squeezed into an airplane seat. (Easy support of the arms, don’t you know.)

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