The Eye Of the Storm

So, last Saturday was the Eurovision contest, which delayed us seeing the next Moffat two-parter by a week. Oooh, all eyes are on Steven Moffatt now that he’s been named Official Producer Officially. Personally, I couldn’t be happier, because his episodes have shown that he has a great sense of who the Doctor is and what he should be doing. Plus, he’s not at all on board with the “Rose’s So Perfect, She’s So Right As Rain, She’s Gonna Keep on Having His Tyme Babezzz Again and Again” program that RTD has spearheaded.

Speaking of Rose, there was way too much of her in the trailer for the second half of the season that aired during Eurovision (and can be found on various Youse Tubes for those poor slobs like me wot live outside the U.K. and are therefore denied most of the Doctor Who web content this season). Still, she was almost tolerable, ’cause she was all about taking out the baddies with a big gun instead of hunting the Doctor down to snog him and make the tyme babezzz. Now, if Rose is back to being 1st season Rose– you know, the plucky young lady who was able to kick butt and didn’t have a huge desire to procreate repeatedly with the Last of the Time Lords– that would be awesome. I bet she won’t be, though, ’cause that’s how RTD has been rolling. Grrrrrrr. Arrrrrrgh.

I’m really wondering, though, about “The Darkness” that kept coming up in the trailer. The Granddad’s line about the stars disappearing reminded me so much of A Wrinkle in Time that I’m wondering if all sorts of parallel universes might be coming together, and, if so, will Rose’s lips look reaaaaaaaaallllly gross in two dimensions. Also, it’s sure as shinola that the bees disappearing will be the Canary in the Cage to The Darkness’ arrival. Unfortunately, though, the M. Night Shyamalin film The Happening comes out before the series’ finale airs, so everyone is going to be “Argh, RTD stole that idea,” when he actually didn’t. (Unless he read pre-production stuff on, say, AICN or even IMDB.)

So, yeah, it was nice to have the week off, as it were, from the Ongoing Wank. I am so looking forward to being quiet in the library, it isn’t funny. I want something good to hang onto, to better stand the Wankfest that will be the End of the Season Stories.

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