A Time Lord Guide To Catagorization

Curious about what the different categories mean? Well, so am I. No, seriously. This page is as much use to me as it is to you– I can never remember which category is what! Et maintenant….

Alternate Universes: Commentary on Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventures, etc. — basically any and all Doctor Who tie-ins.

Arc of Infinity: Where all will be revealed… a place for enigmatic comments.

Dress Who Up: Comments on costuming, in both series and related spin-offs; tawk about my own costuming attempts past-present-future.

Living In the Real World: Observations about current events; also, the odd note of personal nature.

Lost In the Void: Posts that don’t fit any of the other categories.

My Kind of Con: Random items regarding Chicago TARDIS, the yearly convention I do programming and publicity for.

Ongoing Storm: Ramblings on the current Doctor Who series.

Pop That Culture: Comments on media not having to do with Doctor Who.

Secret History of DW Fandom: Memories and analysis of Doctor Who fandom, going way back to the Flickervision days of the 1980’s.

Taking Care of Business: Site notes, musings, and cheesecake.

Thrilling Adventures In Time and Space: Thoughts, musings, and the like on the classic Doctor Who series.

Time and Tides: Random thoughts, other stuff about modern-day Doctor Who fandom.

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